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The True Feminine Rising Program

Feminine Empowerment, Freedom & Love.

Rameet Singh, Psychotherapist, Mind-Soul Life Coach, Goddess Mentor.

The Old Storyline

We experience feminine disempowerment when we swallow our voice, hide our desires, and compromise our core truth to appease others.

For many of us, we may be carrying a general feeling of powerlessness and we feel incapable of fully expressing ourselves. This causes our natural life-force energy to be restricted, and hence we feel sadness, anger, dullness, frustration and other emotional struggles. We may even find ourselves avoiding life.

Perhaps your fears feel too big and the self-doubts say 'you cannot create the life you want'.

Other peoples fears, criticism and expectations of us can keep us in a limited box of what we think we are suppose to 'do" and ‘be’ like.

The Program

It is time to liberate yourself from feeling small, restricted and powerless.

Learn how to stand in your true power and feel the courage to live your life authentically, in your divine feminine expression.

This program supports women in releasing feminine suppression, & embodying their powerful divine feminine. We achieve this through exploring the major pillars of feminine awakening, which are: Empowerment, Embodiment, Sacred Sexuality & Love.

The True Feminine Rising program is a 3-month journey. It combines the best of psychology, spirituality, yogic wisdom, chakra healing and goddess work.

Rameet Singh

A Warm Welcome

My name is Rameet, I am a psychotherapist and life coach, and have my Doctorate in Counselling psychology. In my work I teach women how to release feminine suppression and embody their powerful divine feminine. I work with women who may be experiencing emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, fears, childhood trauma, low self-worth, sexual issues, relationship challenges and more.

I show women how they can live in their true power, be happy and create a life that they love. I do this through a 3-month deep feminine transformational journey.

A Formula for Feminine Healing

The True Feminine Rising is a potent formula. Every month you will dive deep into one of these feminine pillars of awakening. These pillars are:

The Modalities

The program is an integration of Rameet's 20 plus years in the study of yoga sciences, goddess work, psychology, trauma healing, and intuitive energy healing, embodiment awareness practice, guided meditation, chakra healing and core belief system work.

We take a body, mind & spirit approach to awakening your powerful self. It is a comprehensive in-depth program; it addresses the many aspects of feminine healing and empowerment.

Content Includes

Video trainings, guided meditations, e-book reading, energy healing audios, affirmation practices, weekly activities and journal reflections and your membership portal.

Receive 90-day content to learn & integrate core aspects of feminine empowerment into your week. All the content is beautifully organized by day/week/month in your own membership portal. Inspirational images & quotes are found throughout your membership page, with your own login password.

Receive small bite-size practices & content on a weekly basis. Experience practices to keep you grounded & in your sacred goddess alignment.

All material are downloadable & can be accessed from your phone or digital device.

PERSONAL SUPPORT: Weekly Feminine Awakening Group Sessions

Optional Add On: Rameet leads the feminine empowerment group coaching session bi-weekly. You receive 6 sessions total, which span over 3 months. The sessions are 90 min each & conducted virtually (video to video).

Express yourself in a safe & supportive space. We work through powerful practices to transform limiting patterns, heal old emotional wounds & clear energetic stagnation. Each week we focus on a theme of feminine awakening & empowerment. These sessions are potent; we work with deeper energetic layers & activate inner-feminine awakening.

You may attend these group sessions live, or watch the replays, which are available for up to 2 weeks on the women's exclusive online group page

See below for class schedule:


Virtual Video-to Video Group Sessions With Dr. Rameet Singh

Every Thursday, 7:30pm-9:00pm, (Eastern Standard Time. EST).

Ongoing Enrollment: Next sessions - Feb 2, Feb 16, March 2, March 16, March 30, April 13, 2023.

MONTH 1: Feminine Empowerment

MONTH 2: Feminine Freedom & Embodiment

  • Session 3: The root chakra: Secrets to feminine manifestation. Abundance through grounding and receiving sacred pleasure.
  • Session 4: Understanding inner Masculine-Feminine Dynamics: Creating the sacred marriage within as the path to manifesting true love.

MONTH 3: Sacred Feminine Sexuality & Love

  • Session 5: The sacral chakra- Accessing raw feelings, emotions & sacred sexuality- The force of the Goddess.
  • Session 6: Finding the voice of self-love & self-compassion. The power of the Heart.

BONUS: One-on-One Psychotherapy Sessions with Rameet

The Full Immersion Add-On: If you feel the calling to receive more in-depth personal support, this goddess package can also include six personal on-one-one virtual psychotherapy sessions (60 min each session). Meaning that the full hour is dedicated just for you. It is suggested that we book bi-weekly, over the course of 3-4 months. However, you are welcome to use your 6 sessions anytime over the course of 9 months.

This Program Is For You If:

The 3-Month Content Overview

1st Month (Week 1-4) Feminine Empowerment

Month 1

In this first month we work with the energetics and soul of feminine empowerment. Stand in your radiance, release self-doubts and believe in yourself.Strengthen the major energy centre associated with true power and personal worth- the solar plexus chakra (manipura chakra).



  • Weekly Videos Trainings on Feminine Empowerment & the Solar Plexus Chakra (15-20 min): Release disempowerment, step into your true personal power & work with chakra/energy centre of power.
  • Weekly E-Book Chapter Readings - The Psychology & Spirituality of Developing Feminine Power:
  • Weekly Self-Inquiry & Journal Entry: Understand the play of being vs doing in your life, and optimize personal power.


  • Weekly Empowerment Meditations (4) - Spark your feminine power, and work with the healing energy of the sun & inner light (15-30 min, downloadable).
  • Empowerment Audio Affirmation & Mantra – for activating the vibration of confidence & true inner power (10 min).
  • Activities & Practices: Discover your VOICE of inner-power & clear disempowering beliefs.

MONTH 1 Personal Support:

  • Optional Add On - Biweekly Goddess Group Psychotherapy Sessions (90 min each). Live interactive video sessions. Receive feminine empowerment teachings/practices, questions/ answers, and intuitive therapeutic support. Available for replay.
  • Exclusive Women’s Group: A private Facebook group for women who are enrolled in this program. Watch replays of the bi-weekly Goddess Group sessions, receive updates and shares by Rameet, and experience community support with other like-minded women in this program.
  • FULL IMMERSION PACKAGE ADD-ON: BI-WEEKLY Personal one-on-one Feminine Empowerment Psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Rameet.

2nd Month (Week 5-8) Feminine Trust & Embodiment

Month 2

Overview of Themes:

Receive teachings and practices to support you in releasing the fears and anxieties that keep you feeling numb, ungrounded or disconnected. We work with the root chakra- our foundational energy centre for being in our feminine presence. As you anchor into yourself, your grounding holds the space for powerful manifestation of your needs and desires into physical reality.



  • Weekly Videos trainings on Feminine Freedom, Embodiment & the Root Chakra: Develop internal trust & safety, deepen your connection to earth consciousness, learn to ease fear & anxiety.
  • Weekly E-Book Chapter Readings- The psychology and spirituality of feminine freedom, embodiment & the root chakra.
  • Weekly Self-Inquiry & Journal Entry: Deepen your integration of feminine embodiment & freedom.


MONTH 2 Personal Support:

  • Optional Add-On: Biweekly Goddess Group Psychotherapy Sessions (90 min each). This month we work with the themes of the root chakra healing, claiming your right to exist fully in yourself, and receiving mother earth abundance.
  • Exclusive Facebook Women’s Group. Video reply's, support, & Q & A.
  • PACKAGE ADD-ON: BI-WEEKLY Personal one-on-one Feminine Empowerment Coaching sessions with Dr. Rameet.

3rd Month (Week 9-10) Sacred Feminine Sexuality & Love

Month 3

Overview of Themes:

Learn to honour your sacred feminine sexuality, your deeper emotions and desires. Release stagnate emotions, past hurt, and energetic blocks within the womb and sacral chakra. Work with the sacral chakra to reclaim your worthiness to receive more intimacy, play, pleasure and abundance in your life.



  • Weekly Audio Teachings (2) -The Energetics & Psychology of the Sacral Chakra & our Womb Space- our portal to the goddess & manifestation.
  • Weekly E-Book Chapter Readings- The Psychology & Spirituality of the Sacral chakra. Themes- sacred sexuality, our raw feelings & emotions, & the divine feminine.
  • Weekly Self-Inquiry & Journal Entry: Access your sacred feminine desire and feelings, and deeply honour yourself.



  • Optional Add-On- Biweekly Goddess Group Sessions (90 min each): Receive wisdom teachings and practices for womb healing, manifestation, sacred sexual energy and authentic goddess expression.
  • Exclusive Facebook Women’s Group. Video reply's, support, & Q & A.
  • PACKAGE ADD-ON: BI-WEEKLY Personal one-on-one Feminine Empowerment Coaching sessions with Dr. Rameet.

3rd Month (Week 11-12) True Feminine Love

Month 4

Overview of Themes:

Learn about what disconnects us from self-love. Explore processes to regain a loving relationship with ourselves, with others, and with life. Begin to release energetic heart walls and belief systems that say ‘I am not worthy of love". Open your heart to give and receive greater love. We work with the heart chakra.



  • Weekly Videos -True Feminine Love & Healing the Heart Chakra: Release heart walls & overcome judgement & criticism. Awaken to self-acceptance & true self-love.
  • E-Book Readings- The Psychology and Spirituality of Feminine Love: Themes- Inner divine union, healing heart wounds, empowered love in relationships, & self-love.
  • Weekly Self-Inquiry & Journal Entry: Tap into the Wisdom of LOVE to overcome personal challenges.



  • Optional Add-On - Biweekly Goddess Group Sessions (90 min each): We focus on the heart centre, activate love frequency, and explore inner feminine-masculine love as the path to divine love.
  • Exclusive Facebook Women’s Group. Video reply's, support, & Q & A.
  • PACKAGE ADD-ON: BI-WEEKLY Personal one-on-one Feminine Empowerment sessions with Dr. Rameet.


Month 1, Empowerment- Benefits:

Month 2, Freedom- Benefits:

Month 3, Sexuality- Benefits:

Month 3 part 2, Love- Benefits:

RECAP: Summary of What you Will Receive

Ten (10)- Weekly Videos on the Sacred Teachings of The True Feminine Rising: Empowerment, Freedom & Love

video screenshots

Two (2)- Audio Lecture: Teaching on the Sacral Chakra, the Divine Feminine & Manifestation

Get ready to expand your mind, and cultivate new and empowered ways of being.

Valued at $1000

Ten (10)- Guided Meditations & Energy Healing Audios:

Guided Meditations

Tap into higher intuition & inner wisdom from these guided meditations journey's. Access remarkable healing, chakra healing and divine feminine awakening.

Valued at $550

Four (4)-Affirmation & Mantra Practice Audios:

Affirmations are codes of energy & frequency, and reprogram the mind & body towards wellness. Each audio relates to the particular theme & chakra of the month, & integrates beej mantra practice.

Valued at $250

A 87 page e-book: The True Feminine Rising – Empowerment, Freedom & Love, by Dr. Rameet Singh

The ebook dives deep into the psychological, spiritual & energetic approaches to feminine empowerment and awakening. We explore the core pillars of our true feminine rising: Empowerment, embodiment, freedom & sacred sexuality and love. We integrate the wisdom of chakra healing, psychology and goddess work.

Valued at $200

Sixteen pages (16 pg)- Practices & Activities Sheet:

Practices & Activities Sheet

These practical activities are downloadable pdf’s & serve as a guide to take you into deeper self-inquiry. Begin to practice new ways of thinking, feeling & being.

Valued at $150

FIVE (5)- Chakra Affirmations for Empowerment, Freedom & Love (PDF).

Afformations PDFs

You will receive affirmations sheets for:

Valued at $150

Optional Add-On - 6 Biweekly Feminine Empowerment Group Sessions:

6 Biweekly Feminine Empowerment Group Sessions with Dr. Rameet (90 min): For the next 3 months experience guided intuitive support, wisdom teachings, life feminine awakening practices & more.

Exclusive women's online community: A safe space to keep in touch with Rameet, receive inspirational content, weekly announcements, homework shares, connection with others & video replays of the biweekly groups.

Valued at $2500

Optional Add-On: One-on-One Individual Psychotherapy/Life Coaching Session with Rameet:

Receive 6 Individual sessions, with personal support from Rameet. Sessions are 60 min each & conducted virtually through a video platform.

Valued at $2000



Learn about the chakras & how these energy centres are connected to our goddess energy. Understand how each chakra corresponds to different mental, emotional & physical qualities of our sacred feminine.

PLUS: Receive a guided meditation that takes you on a journey of healing & activating your 7 energy centres. Access the grace & power of your inner goddess.


Receive an extra bonus week of content from the Women's Tantra course. In this 1 week we will explore the deeper purpose of your sexuality & sexual energy.

The realm of women's tantra empowers us to claim life as our beloved & to no longer feel separate from the deeper romance, intimacy & love that we desire.

Beautiful Online Program Platform, Easy to Use:

Access a beautiful online platform in your personal members login portal. All your course content is organized in one place and accessible by phone, computer or other electronic devices, and also downloadable. You will have life-time access to your program content

"The greatest beauty that you can bring into the world is loving yourself unconditionally".

- Dr. Rameet Singh


Coverage may be available for clients residing in Ontario with Psychotherapy Insurance Coverage.

Lady flower

3-Month Journey: The True Feminine Rising Program

What’s included:

  • 10 Video training.
  • 2 Audio lectures.
  • 9 Powerful guided meditations.
  • 4 Affirmation & mantra practice audios:
  • 87 pg E-book, The True Feminine Rising.
  • 16 Pages of activities & practices.
  • 4 daily affirmation sheets for chakra healing.
  • Organized course content in your own membership portal.
  • BONUS #1: Masterclass- The Goddess & the Chakra System (28 min).
  • BONUS #2: Guided Meditation: Chakra Healing & the Goddess Meeting (50 min).
  • BONUS #3: Bonus E-book Chp: The Goddess & the Chakras- Foundations.
  • BONUS #4: Masterclass - Sacred Feminine Sexuality (20 min).
  • BONUS #5: Ebook Chp, 'Liberated Feminine Sexuality- Tantra & Eros'.
  • BONUS #6: Guided Meditation- Reclaimed Feminine Sexual Essence (20 min).
  • Optional Add-On: 6 Online live Goddess Group sessions with Rameet (biweekly, 90 min each).
  • Exclusive Facebook women's online private community.
  • Optional Add-On:6 Individual Goddess Psychotherapy/Life Coaching Sessions with Rameet. 60 min, online, video-to-video.

    Download program package to learn more, including pricing and packages.

    Download PDF Info Package


    Download this PDF Program Package and refer to the last pages for packages and fees.

    Download PDF Info Package

    Lets connect! If you are interested to learn more and/or want to enrol in the program, send me an email. We can schedule a short free consult to discuss your questions and enrolment.