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Rameet Singh, Doctor of Counselling Psychology

Wisdom Teacher, Psychotherapist & Feminine Empowerment Coach.

Rameet Singh


Are you experiencing old traumas, fears, energetic blocks & limiting thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck, unhappy, and restricted?

My name is Rameet and I focus on supporting women to come into their true power, to clear away on the mind, body and energy level, what is getting in the way of stepping into their greatest love, joy and freedom. We explore worth, value, authenticity, and awakening the divine feminine.

My love and practice in psychology, spirituality, yoga, goddess work and holistic energy healing has led me to create integrative healing services & programs that include the mind, body and soul.

Offering Worldwide Virtual Therapeutic Services

Holistic Healing & the Divine Feminine

Journey into Healing & Awakening

I have been working with women for over 10 years in my private practice and group healing. We access subconscious core belief systems, and reprogram limiting thought, emotion & energy patterns.


Rameet has her Doctorate and Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto. She has been featured on major television programs such as Rogers tv #No Filter show, and Parvasi Tv “Well-Being Matters”, where she was the guest expert on topics related to mental health and spirituality.

She is also the author of her book “True Feminine Rising”, has written various book chapters related to personal transformation, and published her major doctoral research on yoga in mental health care. Rameet facilitates regular group therapy sessions, classes and workshops on holistic mental health, women’s empowerment, yoga and mindfulness, and healing through creative expression.

What We Address

I draw upon 3 core aspects of the self in all my work with clients- their Mind, body and their spiritual self.

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The True Feminine Rising, By Rameet Singh


PACKAGE A: Individual Therapy Sessions

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  • Psychotherapy Services. Virtual one-on-one therapy sessions with Rameet. Session are 60-70 min each.



The True Feminine Rising

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If you are ready to liberate yourself from feeling small, restricted and powerless. If you want to stand in your true power, to feel the courage to live your life authentically, and express your fullest self, then I welcome you to The True Feminine Rising Program.

The True Feminine Rising supports women in releasing feminine suppression, & embodying their powerful divine feminine. We achieve this through exploring the major pillars of feminine awakening, which are: Empowerment, Embodiment,Sacred Sexuality & Love.

This is a 3-month journey with Rameet. It combines the best of psychology, spirituality, yogic wisdom, chakra healing and goddess work. The True Feminine Rising is a deep dive into feminine empowerment, healing and awakening. Services are virtual, so you can be anywhere in the world.

The Content


Receive 90-day content: Weekly video trainings, guided meditations, e-book reading, energy healing audios, affirmation practices, activities, your membership portal and more!

Goddess Group Therapy & Support


Optional Add On: Rameet leads the feminine empowerment group coaching session bi-weekly. You receive 6 sessions total, which span over 3 months.

Express yourself in a safe & supportive space. We work through powerful practices to transform limiting patterns, heal old emotional wounds & clear energetic stagnation. Each week we focus on a theme of feminine awakening & empowerment.



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The True Feminine Rising Program is for you if:

  • You feel suppressed & un-expressed in your feminine force & life energy. You are tired of feeling stuck, small & unhappy.

  • Your yearn to express your deeper desires & greater visions- to honour what is true to you.

  • You are looking for a program that address your whole self, and provides incredible energetic, subconscious, conscious and physiological change.

  • You want to RECEIVE practices and content, for the next 90-days, to support your growth and learning, and anchor transformation.

  • You want to receive an environment of non-judgment, compassion and safety during your healing processes.

Published Book & Chapters


Quotes, teaching, videos, meditation & more!